Monday, February 25, 2008

Baby Daddy Benefits: Who's cashin in?

Since he dropped the seed and you both dropped the relationship, can daddy still drop by?

Just askin.

Before I became a member of the single mom club, I had no idea that the notion of Baby Daddy Benefits even existed. Apparently, its quite common.

I was chatting with a guy friend of mine on the phone. He loves to tell me his business. Anyway, he told me how he could call his babys moms whenever, let her know when hed be around, and when he touched down (he lives out of state) she would get rid of her man and that @ss would be waiting. He said she now does all kinds of shyt she never did before the baby. Errything, tossin salads, freaky lingerie, roleplay and all that. (Guess she wasnt goin all out before. Maybe thats why he left her in the first place. Just a thought). But anyway, the question was posed to me, does my babys daddy get Baby Daddy Benefits?

Its no small-known fact that once a man has had a woman, he always thinks of her p#ssy as his. Something like cumming on you (or, in you, in our cases) and a dog pissing on his territory, marking it to ward off other horny males. I know it makes absolutely no sense, but Ive heard it explained by a few of my guy friends and Im confident theyre not alone in their thinking, obtuse tho it may be. And if thats so, its no stretch of the imagination that a woman whod actually born the seed of a man would have an eternal claim placed on her p#ssy. For ever.

Baby Daddy Benefits can be redeemed in the form of a quickie right before he picks the kids up to take them to the park or some deep throat when he drops off diapers. LOL, I dunno, Im just sayin.

I know these so-called benefits, or lack thereof, probably depend upon the particular situation, how the relationship ended, who cheated on who, other relationships you or he may be involved in all that. But by show of hands, assuming you are not involved in an agreed upon monogamous relationship with your kids papa, whos still getting it in with the babys daddy?

My hands down, by the way. That ni66a comes poking round here again, hell get his puny little d!ck cut off. For real.

-Melyssa Ganache


DakotaJonesKnows said...

My hand is down too. I'm so NOT attracted anymore!

Melyssa Ganache said...

No, I am so NOT attracted. He looks just the same as he always has but he is so ugly to me. I look at him now and see the person he is and the bullshyt he's taken me through and look straight past the pretty eyes and curly hair and white smile. The next chick can have him.