Friday, February 15, 2008

'Ay Bay Bay!' ... On my hip

I might just stay indoors forever. Because there are no men at my house (could that be part of the problem?) No, really. F o r e v e r.

I think we can all agree, it's hard for a fairly attractive woman to pick up groceries at the Super Wally World without being picked up on, herself. (Best case scenario, he wants to carry her bags through the parking lot, worst: he wants a ride).

She doesn't even have to be fine. Single women (really just women) can't help but draw that male attention.

So we go out half expecting it. Somebody's gonna honk at you at the light or yell out "shawty!" as you pause at the stop sign, or ask you if your man knows how good he has it while you pump gas. But ladies, have you ever been hollered at while you're out with your kid(s)?

Man listen, one dude stepped to me and, after I graciously declined his offer for dinner, was like, "Ma, I'm sayin, I know the baby needs some milk. The baby need diapers, right? I'm sayin ..." <------ NO really. This really happened. An actual person said that. I must really look like I don't have a man.

So tacky.

I mean, okay if I'm with my son at Chuck E Cheese and dude is with his daughter at Chuck E Cheese, and he wants to strike up a lil convo about the kids as we supervise them bouncing around in the ball house. But outside of McDonald's Playland, Toys R Us or some other expressly kid friendly place like that, (and of course assuming his little bambino is along), don't approach me.

I know, I know, all these rules. And yes, nine times outta ten I'm gonna have my toddler right with me and that being so, could mean I'm missing out on a few good (fine and black) men. But really, if I'm out doin the mom thing, I just don't feel comfortable being stepped to as anything other than a mom. So if it ain't about the kids, keep it movin. Am I wrong? How y'all feel?

-Melyssa Ganache

And so appropriately ...
Ay Bay Bay (remix) - Hurricane Chris feat. Game, Lil Boosie, Birdman, Angie Locc and Jadakiss

Hated this song, the hook is soooo irritating. But me and Game could be together. For real.

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