Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Somethin strange for some change: What wouldn't you do?

I am a firm believer in the old adage, never say never. You don’t know what you’ll do in a given situation until you find yourself, in real life and without warning, in that situation.

You think you’re not that bleach-pouring, clothes-burning chick, until you walk in on your husband in bed with the house wife from next door. Or maybe you’re not the type to cheat, until the man who has everything you’ve ever wanted suddenly wants you too.

Not that you don’t know yourself as well as any -- And certainly if there’s any indicator of future behavior it’s past transgressions, of which you may not have many -- But still

You don’t know what you’d do till somebody shows you the cash and asks you to do it.

I’m just sayin. Never say never.

So tell me ladies, what’s the most uncharacteristic thing you’ve been asked to do, cash on the table? Never found yourself in such straits? (Perhaps it’s just me). Okay, then tell me this, what wouldn’t you do for the right price? Don’t say money’s not a factor, or you wouldn’t do anything for cash you wouldn’t do for free. Hogwash. Let’s be honest. Go.

-- Melyssa Ganache

Sidebar: I am sooo effin mad I missed Cheri Dennis tonite. In short, I live way out in the boonies of NJ and missed the train to the city. My cab to the train station was late and I got my heel caught twice in sidewalk cracks. Really stuck. It took me a minute to wrestle it free. Anyway, the next train wasn’t for an hour and I was like eff it. I picked up some wing zingers from Chicken Holiday on the way home and called it a nite. It’s just as well. I was gonna meet up after the show with a former male co-worker with whom I have nothing but ill intent. No good. :)

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