Friday, August 8, 2008

Sex Ed: The Venus Butterfly

Hey all,

I was feeling a little adventurous and decided to start a new series. Something like sex ed. I think I'll call it "Sex is in Session." Cute, right? It’ll be fun. So every week or two, depending upon how quickly these things come to me, I’ll post a new how-to. If I’ve done it, I’ll leave a review, either way, if you try something new, share with the group. Who’s up for it!? Aw, cmon.

So this first one’s a throwback I found on the net. It’s a finger technique performed by the man on a woman (unless of course you’re a woman who likes smaller, softer hands …no thanks). Anyway, it’s become a bit of a classic, made popular when it was mentioned on an episode of the ‘80s TV series, LA Law. Member that? Loved that show. Anyway, the following instructions are directed at the man. You’ll need a bottle of baby oil, a willing woman and it goes a little sumthin like this:

The woman should be lying naked on her back, knees bent and legs slightly apart. Apply a little baby oil to your hands.

Put your hands together, as if you were saying a prayer. Bend each of your ring fingers down. The tip of your left ring finger should be touching the knuckle of your right ring finger; the tip of your right ring finger should be touching the knuckle of your left ring finger. All of your other fingers should remain extended.

Now comes the "ladies choice" part of this technique. In the classic Venus Butterfly, your extended pinkies would be inserted into your woman's anus. Many women prefer that, instead, you simply fold your pinkies over like your ring fingers. It's totally a matter of personal preference.

Next, insert your middle fingers into her vagina. Your index fingers should be placed on both sides of your woman's clitoris.

Keeping your fingers together, open your palms so that your thumbs are about three inches apart. Begin to rub your fingers back and forth, as if you were trying to warm them. When you do this, your hands will resemble a butterfly flapping its wings.

That’s it. Lemme know how it works out. Tell me, tell me, tell me!

-- Mel

And the day after my award, I go and do this. All in good taste fun, guys. :)

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Mister Ed said...

Woooooow, can I get a NSFW warning or somethin, Mel? This is kind of too much. Love the blog and all, but this is kind of a different lane. Feel me?

Melyssa Ganache said...

@ Mister Ed

Dang, is it that bad? Bud I used words like "vagina" instead of "pussy" and everything. :)

Oh Mister Ed, don't be such a stick in the mud. Yes, it is a bit of a variation from what I've carved out as my niche, but I'm still evolving and ... and why not? This could be an interesting lil series with diff how-tos and things to try and the like. You no likey?

Bear with me for a few more entries, ok? If I get similarly negative feedback, I'll tone it down a tad. Gotta give the people what they want.

Thx for reading!

Amber said...

I like it...keep them coming. Wasn't all that bad in the description either. Niiice venture off Mel, lol.

Melyssa Ganache said...

Thx Amber! :)