Monday, March 3, 2008

I just wanna choke slam somebody’s mama

I had the pleasure of spending a couple of days with Yung Joc recently. is working on a DVD project for the rapper and I helped cover a couple of his concerts as well as getting some face time with the block star. I was impressed. He seemed mature, gracious, patient and sincere. Not Hollywood at all. Plus, he’s a cutie pie. I had not before been a Joc fan.

So after my time with Joc and before the concert began, Jerome aka J-Class the videographer, and I were outside the venue getting fan interviews, shots of little underdressed, screaming girls all too eager to pose for our camera when I told them we were putting a DVD project together for the Coffee Shop man himself. Much of it was to be expected, I guess, and I really tried to keep my ideas of these young teens’ parents to a minimum. I mean, my mother didn’t always know what I was wearing when I left the house. I used to hide clothes and make-up in my bookbag. (Yeah, I was fast).

But then this lady walks up to me with her 7-year-old niece. HER 7-YEAR-OLD NIECE! What tha f*ck? Didn’t that kid just learn how to read last year? What, two or three years ago if her parents are working with her? What the f*ck was this kid doing at a f*cking Yung Joc concert? Are you f*cking kidding me? And she wasn’t the only one. I saw scores of little boys and girls … babies! I was outdone. I mean, I saw a whole family, mom, dad, and three daughters, the youngest of which couldn’t have been a day over nine.

I just kept singing Joc’s song in my head, “I been there/ done that/ knock the p*ssy out and have em running back/ yeah I knock the pussy out/ knock it out/ knock it out.” Just to put it all out there, I had been bumpin the song a couple of week’s before. The beat’s hot. But I’m grown! What in the f*ck is a young child doing listening to that garbage? And it’s okay!?

Sidebar: Found this clip of a silly young girl booty shakin to Joc’s “Knock It Out.”

Anyway …

Man listen, I remember saving my money so I could go cop that Luke record. “Don’t stop! Get it, get it! Pop that p*ssy! Doo doo brown!” (Singin it in my head still makes me move). But anyway, My dad, who occasionally rifled through my tapes to see what I was listening to and further gauge where my head was at (good parents may do that) found it, pulled out a chopping block (the one he placed big red steaks on) placed my tape on it and handed me the meat cleaver, (the one he used to pound those big red steaks until they were tender). Daddy was old school like that. He made me take that hammer to my own shyt. My own shyt! I bought that shyt! I was so mad. And truth be told, I just bought it again with my next week’s allowance. I think I must’ve bought that tape three times and it’s still in my collection somewhere. (I get my bullheadedness from my daddy). So yeah, I know you can’t completely shelter a child, and at some point, they’re going to do what they wanna do. But that’s no pass for parents to just concede to debauchery and condone it. Right?

I mean, I don’t even play Hot 97 when my baby’s in the car, and contrary to popular belief, I don’t think that makes me a prude or unrealistic. Same thing for videos. Seriously, some shyt just can’t be edited. (This blog, for instance?)Is it any wonder why our young girls are oversexed and our boys have an unrealistic and detrimentally false idea of manhood?

I hate to jump on the bandwagon of blaming it on the music because really, it’s more than that. When we, as parents allow our kids to listen to certain things, it may not be as much the lyrics that impact them, as our condoning their listening to it. Because in our complacency, we also condones the music’s message. If I don’t tell my son, “this is unacceptable, it’s inappropriate for you and I don’t want you listening to it,” it’s really something like saying the opposite.

So tell me mamas, where do you draw the line for music, videos and movies? Do you draw a line, is it anything goes? (Lemme find out). Sound off.

-Melyssa Ganache

Coffee Shop – Yung Joc


Foxxy said...

You have to draw the line. I dont let my kids watch videos. I think its said when our kids can sing a song but can count or say their A, B, C's. As black folks we must educate our kids. Without a education what are you setting your kids up for? I'll tell you failure that is.

Foxxy said...

Opps i meant to say sad in the comment above.

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