Monday, March 31, 2008

Ask Melyssa: When does Mama get to get it in?

Dear Melyssa,
I'm currently a single mother and I'm looking to get back into the dating scene. I recently broke up with my "BD" after 7 years because I found out he was cheating. With a 6 month old daughter, how would you suggest getting back in the dating scene? Also, are all single mothers doomed into doing the "you can come to my house but after 10pm because that's when my child goes to sleep?"

-- Needin Some

Needin Some,

Girrrl. Who are you askin? LOL. I have no idea how single mothers of small children are supposed to get it in. My baby boy’s going on two years old now and the whole social life vs single motherhood still greatly eludes me. I’ve sworn off the horizontal mambo for a minute (it’s good to just work on yourself sometimes aint it?) But when I do get back in the game, I’m gonna need a dependable babysitter. That’s my advice to you. Put the baby to bed at 8, rather than 10, and instead of bringing dude in, he needs to take you out.

I’m not sure how I feel about the whole comin through all late at night, anyway. I’m assuming he’s out the door before the baby wakes up in the morning. I don’t like it. Even if the two of you don’t intend for it to happen, that set up is destined to relegate you to mere booty call status.

Seven years and he wants to eff up like that? Damn. I hate that for you.

Anybody got any suggestions? I could use them, too : )

-- Melyssa