Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Catching up after getting caught

I love Myspace. I can’t tell you how many people this piece of social networking heaven has allowed me to reconnect with. And it’s addictive right? I must have sat on that site for hours when I first got my page, looking up people from years ago who’s names I couldn’t even remember completely.

A few have ended up hours-long telephone trips down memory lane … a couple others hours-long reenactments of memories … LOL. No victims, right? :)

Ever had someone you had a not-so-good relationship with that ended equally horribly hit you on myspace like it’s all love? What’s the rule of etiquette here, because a few days ago, I was at a loss.

My ex ex ex boyfriend from waaay back in the day, fresh/soph years at Hampton to be exact – the one who I caught red-handed and ass naked, knee deep in some white chick -- hit me up on my page the other day.

“Hey Mel! What’s up? Long time no see!”

Oh for real? Not cute. He’s married with a baby girl now and happens to live not so far from me.

He was like, “Oh, you stay near such-and-such? Yeah, I’m up that way all the time for business …”

Um, yeah. That’s when I ended the conversation. Not happenin.

The last time I saw this dude, he was running after me, pants around his ankles and I was ripping out of the driveway in my Dodge, mad as hell. Never really spoke since that day.

Honestly, I’m not mad. It’s been a long time (like near a decade). I’m just indifferent at this point, though a little peeved at his nerve, quite frankly. I mean, I’m the last one to throw stones, right? But damn that.

Christopher. Jackass.

-- Mel


Trin-Trin said...

I soooo feel u.

Today, I got an email from my ex...and it wasnt even nuthin!!! A freakin chain mail forward!!! and i was upset...1st that he contacted me...2nd that he contacted me with bullshit!!! Damn it I was pissed!!!

I know its petty tho...but damn if i aint felt some kinda way

Anonymous said...

Wow all I can say is that you are a great writer! Where can I contact you if I want to hire you?