Thursday, April 17, 2008

Till death? How about just 10 or 20 … ?

hat if marriages expired? How cool an idea is that, right? I was chatting with a gal pal who recently tied the knot with her BD and she’s fast becoming disenchanted with the whole set-up. (Really, I don’t know why. I mean it’s not like he changed or anything. More that she expected him to. That’s another blog).

Anyway, people fall in love and they get married because they want to plan a life together. But can you really plan a life? I mean, I got a 10 year plan, but that’s about it. So much can happen in the next decade to alter the decade after … the variables are endless. Couple that with another person and his life’s path … how are we supposed to walk together forever? (Foreva eva?) Long time.

So what if, instead of pledging your I dos for such an incomprehensible time as eternity (is it even fair to ask somebody to promise you something forever? Cmon) you chose one of a few available Non-traditional Marriage Tracks, a 10, 20 or 30-year plan. At the end of the allotted time, the contract would run out unless you both signed up for a renewal before a certain date.

How cool is that? Making the leap … a little bit. Genius, right!? Weigh in on the survey to the right ---------->


Really, I’m a traditionalist. Once I tie the knot I really want that to be it. But I gotta tell ya, if an option like the one my girl and I came up with were available, it might be tempting. Holla.