Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Flavor of fellatio LOL ... terrible

This shyt rght hurr is EXACTLY why you don't film a flick with some dude you are not committed to. No doubt, Shay "Buckeey"Johnson of Flavor of Love season two fame, may have been attached to dude in this x-rated clip at the time, but he damn sure doesn't give a fuck anymore cuz the bastard has leaked all the jaw action all over the net. And people like me -- who probably do have better things to do but have erroneously ordered priorities -- download the shyt and post it with commentary. Damn. SMH.

God bless ya tho, Shay. I do know what it feels like to be embarrassed, caught with cum egg on my face, though never like this .. but I can imagine. You'll get thru it.

On the other hand, she may not be shamed at all. Shyt, perhaps it'll catapult her celebrity, whado I know?

Check the vid after the break. NSFW. Ask Melyssa comin in a minute, btw. Holla.

-- Mel

Drum roll please .....



Sorry Blogger has this "obscene material" clause for the kiddies. You gotta peep the link yourself.


thatnyckhick said...

Did we expect anything else?
Honestly tho, I watched Seasons 1 + 2 and it wasn't a complete waste of time b/c it taught how NOT to apply eyeshadow + convinced me I'd rather have my own hair than a raggedy weave LOL

Trin-Trin said...

fa real i thot bootz would come out with a tape and buckeey would follow suit lol...buckeey just seemed like a follower imo lmao

anyway did u see the last reunion? i felt like i was cheated out the last three years of my life. ALL THAT SHIT JUST TO GO MARRY UR BABY MOMS!!! its commendable...but i feel like an ass for even watching the shit and i kno them girls gotta feel the same way (i mean the crazy ones who actually felt something for him)

Melyssa Ganache said...

Yeah I watched that bitch ass reunion show. Thing 2 put in aaaaalll that time and energy into this show, to get like 2 minutes air time on the damn wrap up while Flav and his baby's moms stole the show. It was an entertaining twist, but that was some bullshyt. I just wanna know how the hell Sincere's big foreheaded ass lasted as long as she did, tho. I need some closure about that. She looks like a friggin alien.

LOL at NY Chick about the eyeshadow. Horrible, the whole lot of em. LOL