Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Putting it in -- Overtime

Dear Melyssa,

I know how you love juicy stories. Well I got one for you. I’ve been getting it in with this dude at my job for the past three weeks. I work in the office, he works in the storage room in the basement. We have done it all, Melyssa and at work too! I’m talking about head in the office supplies closet, fu*kin under my desk after hours and all kinda shyt. I don’t know what it is about this dude, he’s just so sexy. The sex is GOOOD, Mel. Dude is packin and all that. He makes me love going to work.

But things have started to take a turn. It was all cool in the beginning, we would go at it in the evenings after the office had cleared out, or we’d get in the back of his delivery truck at lunch and that was it. I have a man at home, so I can’t be stayin really late, but he won’t get suspicious about me being an hour late. But dude at work is really feelin me and he’s telling me he wants me to be his girl and he’s gonna tell my man how good I suck a dick and he’s askin me, “does your man know how wet I make this pussy,” while we’re doing it. It has me kind of freaked a little bit. So I’m trying to back off and leave him alone, but I don’t know, from what he’s saying, he could be the stalker type. How can I let him down easy and get out of this? Any thoughts?

-- Puttin in that OT

Dear Puttin in that OT,

Ooooh you KNOW how I love a juicy story! And this def feeds my appetite. LOL. Wow, so it’s that good, huh? Maybe I need to find work outside the home ...

Right, lemme get back on task. So all good things must come to an end and it’s time to wrap this lil rendezvous. I feel you about ending it. It has to end, right? You got a man. But I’m not sure that dude exactly has stalker tendencies. I mean, the shyt you say he says tyou in between thrusts is kinda hot, if you ask me. Just sayin. But I guess the reality of your home situation is makin you nervous.

If you’re gonna end it, you need to just end it. I think you should just tell dude you can’t freak him all in the supply closet anymore, you both know the relationship isn’t going anywhere and it would be best to stop. If you think mentioning being faithful to your man as a reason for the split will send him into a jealous rage, don’t mention your man. Tell him your coworkers are getting suspicious about the way y'all look at each other or about the long lunches you take.

But really, if he’s a psycho stalker, it’s not gonna matter how you break it to him. His craziness is gonna come out regardless. In that case – and this may sound drastic – but in that case, you need to be on Monster.com right now. Not only does this guy have the potential to ruin your relationship at home, he can very well ruin your reputation at work, too. And once the office is buzzing -- which, whether you know it or not, it may already be – the psycho may not even have to tell your live-in. Some jealous bitch a couple cubicles down might do it for him.

Bottom line, end it once and quickly. DON’T GO BACK! He’s most definitely gonna try to put in on you one last time because you’ve already shown him you’re weak for the d!ck, but don‘t go back. End it and keep it moving. Avoid him in the hallways, take your lunch at a different time and cut it off. Then keep your eyes and ears open for psycho behavior and by all means, post your resume. G'luck!

Lemme know how it turns out.

-- Mel

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