Monday, May 5, 2008

If you want me on top, I need that top spot ... Top 8, that is

ey yall. So I’m back form a lil much needed vacay and I have a rant I’d like to share. Just bare with me it’ll be quick, I just need to get this out.

So I recently got back in touch with this guy form my past. Recent history, it’s only been a few years. And what a steamy past it was. Anyway, from the first few reconnecting convos, we’re both right back in, all hot and heated with the “remember when we did this?” And “OMG when you did that.”

Yes. Anyway, it had been about a month since we’d renewed this telephone friendship and dude has me rethinking all kinds a shyt. Namely, this whole celibacy thing. (Which, by the way, is really taking its toll on your girl).

We’re talking about how we’re gonna revisit 2005 and shyt, next time we get up. Fantastic year. Dude lives outta state and had me on Orbitz like, “okay, here’s a straight flight for $250,” which isn’t bad.

I say all this to say, I’m perusing his Myspace page the other night -- which is no good. Girls, don’t do it. Just stay off Myspace. It’s a whole lotta shyt goin on that … I mean, just why dyou wanna know? Stay off his Myspace page. – and imagin my surprise after all this 2 a.m. textin, and three hour chit-chatting, I’m like #42 on his friends list.

Is this a petty thing for a grown woman to be concerned about? Perhaps. But I’m pissed just the same. I tried to let it go like, it’s myspce, so what. But I couldn’t, yall. So I said something in our next conversation about it. Nothin combative or angry or anything like that. I think he was telling me something about how perfect I am for him and yadda yadda yadda, as he’d really been gassin me and I was just like, “Mhm, it can’t be that good. You got me on like page four on your Myspace,” ha ha, light chuckle. So he’s like, “Ah stop playin, I don’t even be on there like that,” Bullshyt. “But I’ma move you up where you belong when I sign on again.”

Why this nigga put me at No. 18? LOLOLOL

Nothin doin.

Just had to share. LOL. : )

-- Mel


thatnyckhick said...

I have yet to broach this issue with a "bf" or homeyloverfriend sit., but I get offended when my I'm not in my bestie's or her immediate relative's top b/c we're like family....but then again, I did catch feelings when a certain member of said family put his new girl before me. Never voiced these things, just a little slight I brushed off. Damn myspace ruining relationships left and right!

Melyssa Ganache said...

Myspace really is ruining relationships. I don't even fuck with it like that anymore because I can't control my own curiosity. Then I wanna go and ask you who this nekkid bitch is and who is such and such, and fuck she mean by that comment ...? Just not good. Lol.