Monday, June 16, 2008

Ask Melyssa: Is my man cheating?

Dear Melyssa,

I know it’s gonna be hard for you to answer this but I need to know if my man is cheating. We stay together and for the last month or so the phone has been ringin all late at night, he leaves his cell in the car when he comes home and the real shyt that has my mind blown, he woke up to slashed tires the other morning. What’s really hood?

Of course he says he's not fucking around and he has no idea why somebody would cut up his tires and bitches are crazy and blah blah blah. But really? I don’t know, I;m just having trouble believing it.

To top it all off, I’m pregnant. So I’m thinking, should I give dude the benefit of the doubt for our child’s sake, or skate?

-- On the Verge

Hey On the Verge,

In a couple words, your man is getting it in on the side.

The phone ringing could a be a small thing, leaving the cell in the car could be accidental … well, maybe. But the slashed tires. That is the work of a woman scorned. Sounds like he fucked her and he’s not fuckin her any more, to me. Or maybe he’s been saying he’s gonna leave you alone and she just found out you’re pregnant. Either way, she knows where your man lives, so she definitely knows about you. And you don’t just up and slash a nigga’s tires. He must’ve broken some pretty big promises.

I do not believe in sticking around for the sake of the kids. Been there, done that and that’s some bullshit. He needs to come clean or you need to roll. Better yet, get that phone bill and call this chick up. I’d love to be in on that conversation.

Best of luck.

-- Mel

PS I know I know, it's not Monday, it's Tuesday, but I had the craziest weekend in Cashville (shouts) and I'm really just recovering. Great time. I'll def have to tell ya'll about it once I collect my thoughts. That whole near-three-years without thing? Down the drain. Damn! I even drunk-dialed Digital. Wow. I was off my ass. We'll see how this one spins out.


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WHAT you called DIGITAL....Oh my...but I digress.

Honey you are being cheated on and she just found out about you and took it out on the tires. I know because I have been there, pregnant and no man is nothing nice. And the fact he's giving all his time to someone else while you wadle around can be VERY UPSETTING. The only thing to do is figure out if you can live with or without. And if you say without think of EVERYTHING because Single Parenting is nothing nice!

Good luck!