Thursday, June 5, 2008

Obamagasm: He's comin, he's comin, he's ... 'Yes we can!'

Couldn’t let this historic feat pass without at least making mention of it. Words can’t even express how excited I am. Perhaps the pic to the right does.

I am so happy, proud, elated, perhaps a tad orgasmic (lol) … I wanted to shout when I heard the news on CNN the other night. Shout like you do at your grandma’s Church of God in Christ with the organ pounding and drums beatin. Absolutely over joyed.

This dude got past Jeremiah Wright’s big mouth (though I did find him immensely entertaining), the Klu Klux Klinton’s shady accusations and a region of blue collar, Midwestern-bred white folk who are scared to death at a colored man heading up the country. I feel good.

The president looks like me! And my baby boy, and thousands of other little black boys who only had basketball players, rappers, deceased civil rights icons and old, out-of-touch leaders talking heads to look up to before. I am overwhelmed.

This intense pleasure is tempered though, with the arguable inevitability of Barack taking Hillary on as his No. 2. Ugh. I mean, I’ve heard the arguments and I understand the possible necessity in having her on the democratic ticket. A lot of people with money are pissed that she got swept and if their anger isn’t consoled they may very well go the entire opposite way – 70-somethin, old as shyt, Vietnam War vet John Mc-half-dead-Cain. God forbid. Case in point, this stupid bitch with one foot in the damn grave, right hurr (after the jump).

Black people, please vote. Please.

-- Mel



Anonymiss said...

Harriet Christian's a dumb broad.

thatnyckhick said...

I am so in love with this dude, I really am and I'm putting my big mouth, prayers + certainly that vote behind him