Friday, August 22, 2008

Sweet Semen: Once only a dream, now a reality lol

And speaking of sucking dick. Okay, I know we weren’t but is there ever a bad time to talk about fellatio? I think not.

So I was up late googling the other night for keywords I will not reveal.

Wait, sidebar: Freepaysite is the shit. Thx for that, Single Male.

Anyway, I was surfing the net and came across this product, not sure how new it is, but I’d only dreamed it up a few years ago. Somebody seriously jacked my idea and brought it to fruition. Kinda pissed about that. Anyway, there’s this pill guys can take to sweeten the taste of their semen. Go figure. It’s called Sweet Release. Only comes in apple, but how tasty is that!

Perhaps some of you avid indulgers have heard of this, but it was a bit of useful news to me. And they have a comparable product for women too! Only comes in lemon, tho. I dunno how I’d feel about tasting sour.

Apple flavored cum. Yumm-o (as one of my fav TV cooks, Rachel Ray would say).

And guys, the stuff is supposedly good for you. I pulled this from the site:

If you want to enhance your oral sex life and surprise your lover with a fantastic new experience, then Sweet Release masculine formula is for you! Sweet Release is a dietary supplement, when taken twice a day, will within 7 to 28 days change the scent and taste of your semen. Your semen will change from an unpleasant salty flavor to a delicious apple flavor. Sweet Release is a 100% natural herbal and totally vegetarian food supplement specifically developed for men. There is not a product like this anywhere!

Health Benefits for Men:
Our saying says it all: "Come for the sex! Stay for the Health!" We have combined health benefits into Sweet Release, giving it a unique combination nowhere else ever seen.

Somebody try this stuff and tell me how it tastes. Thank ya kindly.

-- Mel

30-day money back guarantee, too. Just sayin. : )


a single males point of view said...

As a male in general, I'd be willing to try out anything that will result in getting my knob slob more frequently.

@Mel - IT'S A RAP once I figure out how to get them movies on myfreepaysite to play on my Iphone said...

I read somewhere that your diet determines how your cum is going to taste. It said eating more fruit and stuff like that is better than eating a lot of meat or something along those lines.

I'm gonna wait awhile before trying this, just to be sure that there's no side effects. That's all I need is to have my nuts turn Incredible Hulk green one day! LOL

Melyssa Ganache said...

Yeah, you're probably right to be a bit cautious, Leon. LOL.

And I hope you have an unlimited data plan, Single Male. LOL. Howd you know I already tried on my Treo? LOL. Nada.

Brokey McPoverty said...
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