Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Once Bi: Can my man really give up men?

Dear Melyssa,

I met this guy about 6 months ago and we’ve been together ever since. He’s perfect, Mel. Fine as hell, good ass job, no kids, never been married, educated, funny, loving, sex off the chain … Dayum! I mean, PERFECT. Until he told me he’s been with a dude before. WTF?

He sat me down and told me he sees no difference between having a relationship with a woman or a man. When he’s looking for a partner, he’s looking for certain characteristics, not necessarily a gender. He told me he’s only had one relationship with a man though and has been with all women before and since. But he says he doesn’t regret it and doesn’t see a problem with it and he could be in a relationship with a man again.

Same time, he says he loves me, wants to be with me, feels completely fulfilled with me and he will not step outside our relationship. The thing about him being with another man in the future is only if at some point we don’t work out.

Mel I’m bout to be 30, grown as hell and not about games. I wanna get married, I wanna have kids and I wanna live a good life and not have to want for anything. This man wants all of those things too and can give them to me. We agree on everything else, but I can’t get this gay shit outta my head. It makes me sick to my stomach every time I think about it. How the fuck am I supposed to get over this? Can I really believe that when we go out he’s not gonna be checkin for dudes? I just don’t know what to do! I want it sooo bad. But damn. A dude?

-- Not So Fine Bi Me

Dear Not So Fine Bi Me,

Love the name. (You so crazy). Damn. Bi? Shit. That’s fuuuuuucked up. LOL. Really though, I gotta give your man props for even comin clean at all about this. I respect his point of view but personally find the shit nasty and unattractive. You sound like you’re settling to me. Why? Don’t you deserve better? I don’t even think the issue is whether or not he’ll actually be monogamous, or whether he’ll be heterosexually monogamous but cheat on you with dudes, or whether you’ll catch him stealing glances at guys on the street, or staying on the boxing channel a couple seconds too long while he’s flippin thru … or any of that. The issue is that whether it’s warranted or not, you will never stop worrying about that shit. Sounds like a set up for misery to me. Don’t do it. And stop making it so hard for you to make the decision you know you need ot make by saying he’s perfect in every other way. That nigga’s not perfect, he likes dick! So fuckin what he makes good money and makes you laugh! So what he’s never been married and doesn’t have kids. Wonder why? LOL.

For real tho, you deserve better so you have to require better.

About the homo shit tho, at some point, it’s gonna come out. He says he can only be with you, but if he likes dick, he likes dick. At some point it will become a struggle for him. Even if he’s strong enough to resist, do you want to lie next to a man havin that kind of inner turmoil? Fantasizin about the delivery dude at work and shit while he’s on top of you? Even if he’s not hittin dude off. Don’t even do it to yourself and please don’t delay in ending this relationship. It will only become more difficult to do what you need to do, which s to leave it alone.

-- Mel

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cutienjerzey said...

I can't believe she is even asking for advice on what to do...Let a man tell me he's been with another man...I'll probably slap the SH*t out of him and then change all my numbers IMMEDIATELY...Honey you need to get an HIV test done. Cut that dude off NOW, but from you writing to Mel saying that you don't know what to do says to me that you yourself are confused.. Can't no man ever tell me that he's been with another man and I actually want to still consider being with him. That's some crazy sh*t that will get a nucca hurt.

Anonymous said...

EWWWWWWH- Hell to the naw.... No way no how I could be with a man that has been with another man before! I would be crushed! What real man would wanna actually lay up with another hard leg! Girl you need to leave that man alone. I totally agree with Mel. He is actually putting you @ risk- DAYUM

WOW. (NAS)- Niggas Aint Shyt!

a single males point of view said...

That nigga is a fruit loop . . .Any female with common sense would have left that nigga. Shittttttttttttt . . . a ghetto chick would have cut a nigga after he said some shit like that! But I understand why homegirl here is asking for advice . . .she fell in love with a nigga that just like one of the girls. lol

Melyssa Ganache said...

Thank you, Cutie and preach Anonymous. I could neeeeever do it. Ever. One time this dude wanted to cum inside me and then eat my pussy talkin bout, "I wanna taste our juices together." LOL! I found that shit to be a bit suspect. Had to let it go. No tolerance for the gayness in my life. (100, I let him do that shit tho. One time! Just one time!)

LOL @ NAS. You stupid. :)

Melyssa Ganache said...

Good point, SIngle Male. :)
Shopping together and shit.