Thursday, July 17, 2008

To Spit or to Swallow? That is the question

I’ve been thinking a lot about sucking dick lately, call me crazy. I suppose it’s all part of this natural regression I’m going through, fresh off a hot, steamy, weekend tryst and trying my hardest to safely settle back into celibacy (which includes oral sex for the ass hole dude who didn’t seem to know that. Jackass). I will resist the penis. I will resist the penis, I will resist the penis. : )

Anyway, it became the topic of discussion with the girls the other day and we got to swapping stories. (My friends are some freaks, ya’ll. I mean).

Anyway, so we did a lil round table. “Spit, or swallow?”

Four out of 6, y’all, 4 outta 6 a these chicks are drinking their breakfast. I was kindalike whoa. Is that what’s hot in the street? I mean, I’ve always thought myself to be a sexual progressive. But I’m a little late on this one. So I did a lil research for y’all and thought I’d share.

Turns out, swallowing does a body good. I’m sure some of my freakier readers knew that. According to sexpert Jane Greer, Ph.D.:

Semen contains at least 13 prostaglandins and high concentrations of hormones that retain potency if taken orally. The quality of the seminal hormones is thought to be superior to even prescription versions. In a study, women who regularly consumed their lovers sperm showed such benefits as a reduction in ovarian cancers, lowered depression and many even had acne symptoms lessen or stop entirely. It is thought that the oral consumption of the potent hormones had a balancing effect on woman's hormonal ups and downs caused by their periods and pregnancy or breastfeeding.

The key though, ladies, is “regular consumption.” Anniversaries and birthdays, or even once a week, isn’t good enough to reap the benefits. According to the study, the women who got results sucked and swallowed four to five times a week. Yes, damn near every day. Dayum. Lol.

I’m not endorsing it (officially, online, that is). I’m just putting the info out there.

So what’re you guys willing to do for your man in the boudoir? Please hit up the survey to the right and let me know. (And don’t lie. Be grown about yours. Damn) Thank y’all.

I dunno when it’s gonna be, but the next one’s gonna be a lucky ass motherfuker. AND I'm gonna blog about that shit. LOL.

-- Mel

P.S. Why is giving a blowjob the healthiest thing you can do in the morning?

Because it comes with a sausage, two nuts and a protein shot. Stay healthy; suck a dick. <--- I’m so sorry. Somebody Fwdd me that bullshit on my cell. LOL.


Anonymous said...

Damn! No wonder my skin is so clear. LOL! But seriously, took your survey and I HAD to tell my friends about this...I'm sure they will get a kick outta the educational research.

a single males point of view said...

Thanks Mel for writing this blog. I've been telling chicks the medical benefits of drinking my Man-o-nase for years, and they all thougt it was bullshit. Now I have proof of this. Truthfully some of this is my fault, all these years I been squirting on chicks lips, noses, eye brows, etc, when I should have been letting them drink it. Who knew?

I will admit that sometimes I don't like a chick drinking my nut. When a chick does that to me it drains me of all my energy . . .literally!!! I can't do shit after a chick does that to me. A female could rob me blind and I wouldn't be able to do nothing about it.

And Mel, I don't know if it's a good idea to do that to your next sexual partner. If I was you I would wait on that. Coming from a single males point of view, if you do that one of 2 things will happen

1. You will make that nigga fall in love and everytime you 2 have sex he will be expecting the "happy ending"

2. He will be turned off, because he will think your a freak that does that to every man she has sex with

Melyssa Ganache said...

Manonaise, ugh. LOL. Yeah, Single Male, you're right. I'ma hold off on that. A nigga might have to marry me. :)

LOL @ Anonymous. Thx for sharing the blog with ya girls.