Wednesday, July 23, 2008

VIP Dick: Guys who skip the velvet rope

So I told ya’ll about the married guy that I’ve been having a text/phone affair with that I’ve been going back and forth about hooking up with. The “back” is because my moral compass continues to nudge me to the right as I steadily insist on drifting to the left; the “forth” is because dude has the stamina of a work horse and knows me oh so well.

He’s an old flame. He’s a family man now, but when we reconnected on Myspace several months back, it was like 5 to 7 years ago all over again. Like no time had past. I fell right back in. (Thx Cutie and others for the words of warning. I KNOW I need to heed them. Lord, give me strength).

Anyway, I guess one of the reasons I’m having such a hard time definitively telling this guy no, is because I never really have before. Ever. Hooked from day one, ya heard. : )

Not only have I never told him no, I have expressly, in the throws of passion, sworn to him that I would always tell him yes. You know, “This is your pussy … I never want you to stop fucking me … ” and all manner of other things. I kinda meant that shit, too.

He’s one of my VIPs.

You know, the dudes who get in through the VIP entrance; who do not have to wait in line; who do not have to meet the same standards you might apply to other partners; who don’t have to call two days ahead of time; for whom you’ll drop just about anything that can be dropped when he’s in town; and you lay that shit out for him when he gets there … that guy. They just get to slip right through the velvet rope, no ID check, no pat down, no hassle by security, none a that shit. Aaaallll love.

I know we women know what it is, but I think the idea of VIP dick is a little known phenomenon among the male population. Even the guys that are walkin around holdin their celebrity members don’t always know what they’ve got. A male friend of mine was completely confused when I told him about it.

“So what is it like a secret society or something?” he asked.

“No, not exactly. I mean, my VIP might not even make another chick’s list. It’s just the guy who does it for me, for whatever reason. Digital, for instance.”

He knows the whole sordid story behind that fiasco, so he immediately understood the example.

“Ok so it’s just a dude who got you hooked from the gate and you just can’t let it go,” he paraphrased.

“Yeah, something like that.”

I’ve actually got a couple on my list. Two. And of course everybody else falls into a pyramid-like hierarchy; you don’t like everybody the same. Some you like better than others, some you like better for some things than others, or at some times … But those select VIP dudes … man! Whenever, however, whatever. It’s like that.

Ladies, who knows what I’m talking about? Guys do you have a comparable category for women? I wonder.

-- Mel

Jay said it so well ...


Anonymous said...


Giirrrrrrllllllllll, I know exactly what you mean. Oh yes I do. And I am gonna leave it at that. Whew!

Trin-Trin said...

3. all access cards. lmao. damn shame. but so tru.

Mista Jaycee said...

Yeah, There is a Woman who is like crack for me. I could go 10 years without seeing her and feel stronger and better then just like that I can't get enough of her.
I know what you are saying NO and by the way say NO to it but I also know what you are saying Yes to. For me it was my marriage which is great and my daughter who is wonderful and a relationship that didn't leave me powerless and feenin dig?
Say Yes to something better. The Gods got something great for you! What are you teaching your baby when he see's Mommy and how Mommy deals with a Man?
Just think on it!

Anonymous said...

Trust me Mel, males know when they have VIP access. I know I have this special access with my ex, but the thing with me is I don't move backwards. Some guys do, and from my experience they usually take advantange of this special access out of boredom. And yes Guys do have VIP Pussy that no matter what will always go back too. It's If me and wifey was to break up and I moved on with my life, trust me she would get her way with me anywhere anytime.

Melyssa Ganache said...

Man, Anonymous and Trin-Trin, ya'll are right there with me. :)

Jaycee, you always come through with the wise advice. You're right, it's a tough thing to turn down but it absolutely allows doors to better to be opened. If only my loins could understand this concept. Lol :)

Good for you, Anonymous2, for not moving backwards. Just breeds confusion. And you are so right, VIP dudes come thru when they get good and ready and probably only in search of a little diversion. Bummer the shit has to be so good. :)

NonShalant said...

I know I'm a vip member with 2 of my gud friends. but after a while it just got old 4 me. I talk 2 them maybe 1x a week but i know I could show up and get it. but vip access gets old, at least 4 me, there is some fun in the chase.

JazzNicole said...

There is one person who hold a VIP card for me. And everytime I hear R.Kelly's The Greatest Sex, I think about his ass. It has been 6 years and to this day, he holds the title of the best. When I went back to visit my home city (Chi-Town stand up!) I rode down the old block and there he was. I stopped and had to pull off because I woulda been calling off work for at least a week, fooling with him.